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GET LOST – art route generates art in public space by partnering organizations at the Amsterdam Zuidas with young, promising artists.

22.06.2018 – 22.09.2018
GET LOST - art route 2018 offers you guided tours in cooperation with Public Art Amsterdam and Artifex. For more information, please click here


Richard John Jones
Stichting AkzoNobel Art Foundation

Johannes Büttner
FLOW Real Estate & Egeria Real Estate Development

Olle Stjerne
WTC Amsterdam

Rosa Sijben
Zuidas, City of Amsterdam, Zuidasdok, Zuidplus

Monira Al Qadiri

Anna Frijstein
GET LOST Foundation

Marek van de Watering
Maarsen Groep & Zadelhoff

Annabel Howland

Smári Rúnar Róbertsson
GET LOST Foundation

Simon Wald-Lasowski & Sajoscha Talirz
FLOW Real Estate

Andrea Božić en Julia Willms

Marek van de Watering
Loyens & Loeff


For our 2018 edition GET LOST – art route invited artists to take inspiration from the concept of the Code of Conduct. This term refers to a company’s behavioral code and comprises the norms and values directors and employees must adhere to. Today it often contains guidelines on how to meet corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals. In an impassioned, almost ideological treatise the essence of the relation between the individual and the collective, and between corporate culture and corporate policy is sought. The Code of Conduct gives us a peek into the soul of an organization.

The shiny towers on the Zuidas are set high, but behind the tinted glass the ambitions for moral and corporate social responsibility must bring the appropriate dilemmas. For how can profit go hand in hand with morality and corporate social responsibility? How can you marry up business
with ideals?

GET LOST focuses on the Code of Conduct because it somewhat reflects the search for new avenues in this globalized society. Nothing seems to be certain, making it almost a quest for the individual to navigate between good and bad in order to find the proper ‘code of behavior.’ Artists preeminently have the freedom to play with different perspectives. Their suggestions, poetry and experiments encourage sensitivity to our surroundings and make us reflect.

In the dialogue between Zuidas companies and the international artists both brought their own expertise and means. The companies made the artworks financially possible and gave their input on their selection. The artists tackled their commissions per venue and gave free reign to their imagination. This led to awesome exchanges, causing the projects to materialize in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and trust. As a result we proudly present twelve poetic, playful and critical artworks, with the occasional Trojan horse and definitely the odd jester.