GET LOST - art route 2018 invited young and talented artists to reflect on the curatorial framework: Code of Conduct. Their work acts as a mirror in which we observe ourselves and explore how things are constantly changing and moving around us.

GET LOST – art route 2018 shows 12 (semi) public artworks that are established by the following cooperations:


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Richard John Jones
Stichting AkzoNobel Art Foundation

Johannes Büttner
FLOW Real Estate & Egeria Real Estate Development

Olle Stjerne
WTC Amsterdam

Rosa Sijben
Zuidas, City of Amsterdam, Zuidasdok, Zuidplus

Monira Al Qadiri

Anna Frijstein
GET LOST Foundation

Marek van de Watering
Maarsen Groep & Zadelhoff

Annabel Howland

Smári Rúnar Róbertsson
GET LOST Foundation

Simon Wald-Lasowski & Sajoscha Talirz
FLOW Real Estate

Andrea Božić en Julia Willms

Marek van de Watering
Loyens & Loeff

In the dialogue between Zuidas companies and the international artists both brought their own expertise and means. The companies made the artworks financially possible and gave their input on their selection. The artists tackled their commissions per venue and gave free reign to their imagination. This led to awesome exchanges, causing the projects to materialize in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and trust.