Anna Frijstein

Anna Frijstein (1991) studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (2015) and currently lives in London, where she is studying for a master’s degree in performance at the Royal College of Art. Her work has been shown at Galerie LUMC in Leiden, Marres House for Contemporary Culture in Maastricht, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and MNCARS in Madrid, among others.

Anna Frijstein explores what it means to be ‘authentic’: how does one find the inner, yet most successful self? This contradictory introspection results in comical performances, settings and video tutorials. Frijstein analyses the roles we assume in various social settings, such as at the kitchen table, in the political arena, at the gym or on YouTube. She mimics these contexts’ characteristics and methods in order to expose them in her sharp-witted performances. Although her focus is on human beings, she also learns from honey bee dance moves or the tempting manipulations of an orchid. Frijstein’s didactic intonation and dubious persona leave it unclear who is addressing you. Who does she think you are?

GET LOST Foundation

GET LOST Foundation generates art in public space by partnering organizations at the Amsterdam Zuidas with young, promising artists.

Through the art route GET LOST aims to activate the public space and improves the vibrancy at the Zuidas.