Marek van de Watering

Marek van de Watering (1982) studied information sciences, followed by a BA in Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. His knowledge of computer programming and corporate dynamics is reflected in his artistic work, which is based on social interactions and forms of expression in subcultures. Through participation, conversations and workshops he explores how people relate to each other and their surroundings and how they (try to) capture that relationship in imagery. By adding absurd elements or unrealistic questions he piques peoples’ curiosity and imagination.

Maarsen Groep and Zadelhoff

Early 2020 a new building called Hourglass will be erected on Amsterdam’s Zuidas. This building is being developed by the Maarsen Group and Zadelhoff and will house law firm Loyens & Loeff and apartment hotel Premier Suites. Maarsen and Zadelhoff share the conviction that art is a crucial element in achieving good housing. Both partners own extensive art collections and have long supported various culture and art initiatives in Amsterdam. Since Hourglass is still under construction, the partners decided to sponsor the GET LOST – art route in anticipation of the buildings completion. Artist Marek van de Watering will present an artwork on site illustrating the project developers’ heartfelt desire; may the Hourglass, with its extraordinary design, be a resounding success and have a bright future!