Monira Al Qadiri

Monira Al Qadiri (1983) is a visual artist and film maker who was born in Senegal, raised in Kuwait and educated in Japan. She currently lives in Berlin (Germany). In 2010 she received a Ph.D in intermedia art from Tokyo University of the Arts. Her research focused on the aesthetics of sadness in poetry, music, art and Middle Eastern religious practices. In her work she explores the relationship between narcissism and masculinity, as well as other dysfunctional gender roles. Currently she is expanding her practice to social and political subjects. Al Qadiri took part in exhibitions and film screenings in Tokyo, Kuwait, Beirut, Dubai, Berlin, New York and Moscow, among others. She is one of the co-founders of artist collective GCC.


Floating drill bits and hanging mountains: Kuwaiti artist and filmmaker Monira Al Qadiri (1983) guides the spectator into a mysterious world, meanwhile asking relevant and topical questions about oil, wealth, sustainability and identity. Monira’s work comports with ABN AMRO’s core values: to contribute to a sustainable society and to be part of a circular economy. The GET LOST initiative fits in with these core values perfectly as well. It links young promising artists to businesses, as a result of which both parties are taken out of their comfort zone. The tension this confrontation creates is a fertile ground for new ideas. Also, it provides artists with a wider platform, and introduces Zuidas visitors to new and young talent.