Smári Rúnar Róbertsson

Smári Rúnar Róbertsson (1992) is based in Amsterdam. In his poetic works he explores site-specific phenomena and basic architectural elements, which are translated through his practice into written pieces, musical compositions and site-specific installations. The focus of his work often lies on the inherit need we feel to autobiographize our life experiences in order to account for our existence and surrounding. Through his works we encounter objects, who’s history not only shaped them, but who owe their autonomy and existence to the incidental processes which happen in the backdrop of our own lives. Róbertsson holds a BFA from Gerrit Rietveld Academie (2015) and an MA from the Sandberg Institute (2017) in Amsterdam.

GET LOST Foundation

GET LOST Foundation generates art in public space by partnering organizations at the Amsterdam Zuidas with young, promising artists.

Through the art route GET LOST aims to activate the public space and improves the vibrancy at the Zuidas.